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LJRT - Lund Java-based Real Time

The LJRT system has its own homepage.

ORC robot controller

The development of the experiment platform is a joint effort that has been supported by two NUTEK (the Swedish Board of Technical and Industrial Development) projects. One within the research program for Moving Autonomous Systems (Grant 93-09758) and one within the research program for Embedded Systems (Grant 93-02726). Doctoral theses by Klas Nilsson [27] and Gunnar Lindstedt [21] and licentiate theses by Krister Brink [7] and Magnus Olsson [29] have been published within the project. Several Ph.D. candidates currently do research in this experimental environment. Our team currently includes Anders Robertsson, Per Hedenborn and Magnus Olsson.
We have cooperation with the Department of Mathematics (Dr. Gunnar Sparr) on application of machine vision. In the real-time system project there is cooperation with Department of Computer Science, Lund University.

Virtual Environment for Robot Vision

Purpose: Used for real-time image generation for experiments in Robot Vision such as:

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